JC Construction Ltd is a leading North West building and maintenance support services business.

JC Construction Ltd is a family-run business which was founded in 1985, We have managed and retained our traditional beliefs while moving with the times to remain extremely competitive in offering an unbeatable levels of service with years of experience in the maintenance industry offering an extensive range of services and employing in excess of 180 directly employed personnel.

Our business is founded in local communities where we deliver the highest standards of service to our clients. JC Construction Ltd is now one of the most established and respected names in the building sector within the Merseyside and Lancashire areas in North West England.

We are dedicated to regenerating selected local areas in our towns and cities and work closely in partnership with numerous Local Authorities and Housing Associations, delivering specific housing packages that meet their individual needs, ranging from voids through planned maintenance to the delivery of large scale housing regeneration projects. In 2015, we delivered in excess of xx,000 work orders per year.

Practical demands of budgets, build quality and timing issues are controlled through a team based management resource, which ensures the least disruption to residents.

Quality of life for the tenant is assured, whatever the request, our response and construction methods are tailored to provide certainty and in built reliability. Our team can bring a variety of experience which is used to the benefit of any scheme. More information about the range of our experience is available upon request.


A history of local regeneration and involvement

Providing social housing and affordable yet desirable homes is just one part of the story, we also contribute to regeneration by enhancing the environment and providing training and real jobs for local people. Residents value and take pride in their surroundings with anti-social behaviour and crime reduced. Ultimately, a genuine demand to live in the community is created.

This can only be achieved through integration, and total commitment with all stakeholders working together in a real spirit of partnership, building the trust that is so essential to success. JC Construction Ltd is proud to serve on Merseyside and Lancashire.