Young Female JC Constructon Apprentice

We are committed to improving our building maintenance programmes, workforce, business capacity and capabilities.


How performance is measured

For transparency, we measure our performance against agreed targets. This year we met or exceeded all our targets. We maintained our position as one of Merseyside’s leading building maintenance companies in a number of areas which our customers view as priority. These include planned maintenance and responsive repairs programmes.

In addition, we have significantly increased the time engaging in the community, helping us to communicate important messages to tenants and build customer confidence.


Performance at a glance

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Providing an excellent customer service

Delivering a quality planned and responsive social housing maintenance service to our customers is what we are expected to achieve. What differentiates the service JC Construction Ltd provides is our focus on looking after our customers and the pride our employees take in serving their local community on Merseyside.

We are responsive when customers call, take action to resolve issues, take ownership of the problem, keep them informed while we deal with their requests, and act on feedback received. This approach, together with a well-resourced array of facilities and highly skilled workforce allows us to deliver a timely and well-expedited service to our customers, resulting in an excellent customer experience.

As we need to keep improving our service, we have plans to develop our technology and systems to give customers more choice and flexibility in their contact with us. This will include providing a Tenant Support facility on our website, increasing our use of electronic communication channels, and introducing social media.

JC Construction Ltd pride ourselves on being responsive, and measure the promptness on how quickly we respond to a customer’s enquiry in terms of initial call to resolving the problem. From March 2015 to March 2016, we met our target to respond to over 99% of customer responsive maintenance enquiries within xx days.

(Sue – can we insert some KPIs here)


Delivering quality building maintenance

Delivering a reliable planned maintenance programme and responsive maintenance service is our core business and a key customer requirement. To improve efficiency to our customers, we have invested in our support and supply network including employing more skilled workers from the local pool of talent, purchased more vehicles and developed our communication infrastructure.

Through a process of rigorous training we make sure that our workforce has the skills to perform their day-to-day tasks, plus exceptional customer care skills. JC Construction Ltd have one of the highest standards of customer care in the industry.


Environmentally sustainable operations

JC Construction Ltd is committed to improving environmental performance. We strive to minimise any negative effects upon the local and global environment. Our environmental objectives are to ensure that all our activities comply with the relevant environmental laws, regulations and industry codes of practice, and to regularly review the levels of waste throughout the company and the percentage of total waste recycled.


Engaging with our community and customers

JC Construction Ltd is part of the local community and need to be seen as such so that we can better relate to and understand our customers in which we serve. We constantly identify and review ways to improve levels of customer awareness and engagement and listen to the views of customers and our ‘hands-on’ workforce, and act on their feedback.

Community partners

In reaching our community, we rely on a close working arrangement with key partnerships to deliver planned works programmes with a high-level of customer support within an agreed framework and realistically achievable KPI’s.

Safety and our employees

As with delivering great customer service, safety is embedded within the culture of the company. No job is too urgent or trifling to disregard safety, and observance of safety procedures is built into JC Construction Ltd’s work processes, induction and training. Following safety procedures prevents accidents, injuries and ensures that our customers, the public and our employees come to no harm in carrying out our work.


The way forward

JC Construction Ltd has established a successful local identity for over 30 years in the Merseyside community, and is well received by our customers and partners who continually rely on us to deliver a high performance programme of building maintenance works to the local social housing sector.

We are optimistic about achieving greater efficiencies through economies of scale and the sharing of best practice. Together with our partners, we’ll be able to offer our customers better quality of service and support, and more efficient channels of communication to help us better understand local customer needs and improve our response rates.

JC Construction Ltd continues to outperform against a range of challenging targets in a difficult and changing environment, and we now look forward to enhancing the service we provide to all our customers.