We help people feel good about their homes and the community they belong to.

JC Construction Ltd know that people’s sense of home goes way beyond their four walls. That’s why we help build communities that people want to belong to. By helping our partners refurbish and maintain properties, we’re helping to bring back pride to local neighbourhoods, connect with each other, and help rebuilding and sustaining local communities on Merseyside.

The planned and responsive maintenance works JC Construction Ltd undertakes on behalf of our partners are designed to minimise impact on local communities and the landscape in terms of disruption and inconvenience. Our Tenant Liaison Officers and ‘Hands-on’ workforce work diligently so that we can better relate to and understand the customers we serve. We constantly identify ways to improve levels of customer awareness and engagement and listen to the views of customers, and act on their feedback.

In reaching our community, we rely on a close working arrangement with key partnerships to deliver planned works programmes with a high-level of customer support within an agreed framework and realistically achievable KPI’s.

Our company is part of the local community, and we have always been a staunch supporter of employing local people. We believe that through the provision of exceptional training, we not only help a person become skilled and employable, but also contribute to the local economy and community.