Top: Security Control Office.
Complete refurbishment.
Below: Ramps for the disabled.

Time and willful acts of destruction can take a toll on any building or structure, leaving them unsafe, inhabitable and in dire need of attention.

Since 1980, JC Construction has gained invaluable expertise through its work with local councils, housing associations and the commercial sector, revitalising the rundown and the damaged, and has gained a solid reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Whether it is the maintenance and alteration of a public footpath or home, to the complete restoration and reconstruction of a complex 'listed' building, JC Construction has the ability to restore almost any structure back to its former glory. 

Refurbishment, restoration and repair.
Times change and many of our customer has specific needs, whether it be easy entry to a building and the implementation of an accessibility ramp, the installation of efficient heating systems or creating a little extra space.

Sometimes, we simply have to continue in a trend set in the past, such as the restoration and repair of a graded listed building. Transporting a building of the past into the present requires more than just the right building materials and skilled people, it requires a clear understanding of its present and future requirements, and ensuring it correctly and safely befits its existing surroundings.

Wear and tear is a fact of life, and anything that is publicly and consistently used or subject to the outdoor elements will sooner or later need attention.

JC Construction has over 60 active work crews, capable of repairing almost any size damage caused to public properties, thus ensuring public safety and confidence.