We work alongside the communities we serve to build long-lasting relations.

JC Construction Ltd build, refurbish and regenerate places to improve economic and social outcomes for people. We invest enormous efforts in getting to know your customers, identifying their needs and determining how to fulfill them. We do this with the skills of the Resident Liaison Officer. Primary role of the Resident Liaison Officer is to connect your Residents with timely, maintenance and repair solutions that helps makes their lives better, building trust and ownership.

Residents are key to the success of the improvement programmes we deliver, so we ensure that tenants and residents are fully involved in the decision making processes affecting their homes and continue to remain well informed throughout the construction process. The secondary role of the Tenant Liaison Officer is to connect the improved ‘quality of life’ benefits of our work, and to gain the trust and respect of the Tenant’. This adds significant value to the longevity of your customer relationship and to your stock.


How the Resident Liaison connects people with services

The Resident Liaison Officer provides a ‘one-stop’ contact point and day-to-day support that tenants need, prior and during work is in progress in their home.

  • Gain / Share Information
  • Build a Context of Understanding
  • Establish Our/Your Identity and relationship
  • Identifying Security and access needs
  • Earn the Trust and Respect
  • Work closely with the site team
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Respect and develop awareness of locally social issues
  • Help Resident feel respected and valued by maintaining the ‘best quality’ of life for them throughout the works.